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Jillian is a woman of trans experience who transitioned at the age of 55. After she transitioned, she realized her life’s mission was to help others and her community. She returned to college and earned her masters degree in Social Work to become a therapist for the transgender and gender diverse population. 

Jillian interned at the Yale Gender Program in New Haven,CT for two years and continues to be a community liaison for the Yale Gender Program. She has been working with the transgender/gender diverse community of all ages and runs support groups for youth and parents. 




Look for my book "Transitioning Later in Life: A Personal Guide." now Available on on Amazon...

If you are transgender or gender diverse and looking for a therapist, please contact Jillian at Twin Peaks Counseling in Derby, CT

She has experience working with gender identity, depression, anxiety and trauma. Jillian will see all ages and will hold appointments in person or by telehealth.


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