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Gender Identity - A person’s sense of being a particular gender—male, female, a blend of both, neither or another category

Transgender - Gender identity does not correspond to their assigned gender at birth 

Transsexual -  An older term used to describe a person who has had medical interventions to match their gender identity (gender reassignment surgery, gender confirmation surgery, hormones)

Transvestite - Older term...DO NOT USE!

Cross-dresser - A person who will occasionally wear clothes of the opposite gender but have no intentions to have any surgeries or medical interventions

Drag Queen - Usually males who dress up as women with exaggerated femininity for the purpose of entertainment

Cisgender - Identifies with the gender they were assigned at birth


When someone is able to recognize that a person is transgender

Dead name

Term used to describe person's name before they transitioned or legally changed their name (birth name)

Gender Fluid – Remains flexible about their gender identity rather than committing to a single gender.  They may fluctuate between genders or express multiple genders at the same time.  Pronouns usually used…they, their, them

Non-Binary (Gender Queer) – Gender identity is not exclusively masculine or feminine.  Genderqueer may express a combination of masculinity and femininity, or neither, in their gender expression.  Pronouns usually used…they, their, them

Other Terms

Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)

Estrogen (E)

Testosterone (T)

Male to Female (M to F) Female to Male (F to M)

Gender affirmation surgery (not sex change)

Transitioning (not changing/becoming/turning into/transgendering)

Diagnosis-Gender Dysphoria (not Gender Identity Disorder)

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